• B*E*A*N*S Custom Personal Blend, 12 to 32 Oz bag

Carolen Commodities & B*E*A*N*S Custom Coffee is happy to provide you with an opportunity that we believe is available from very few coffee roasters/purveyors for single bags of coffee: Your own custom 12 ounce (or more) blend of coffee, roasted and ground to your taste, and usually shipped with 24 hours of your order!

You choose 10% multiples from our premium grade Bolivian, Brazilian, Colombian, Costa Rican Tarrazu or Colombian decaf varieties (up to 4 choices); choose the roast you prefer; and the grind your coffee-maker requires (or select whole roasted beans), and we create the magic for you, on demand. The only limitations are your imagination, and the blend must be of one single roast & grind. It's an easy and great way to create a unique premium blend that is exactly what you want for your coffee. As always...B*E*A*N*S Custom Coffee helps you to: BE EXTRAORDINARY AND NEVER SETTLE!

Important Instructions for Creating your Personal Blend:

First: Select your desired bag size and then you blend COFFEE CHOICES, up to 4. If you only want 2 or 3 varieties in  your blend, select IGNORE THIS SELECTION for the choices (3 &/or 4) you are ignoring.

Second: For each of your blend choices, type in the % you want for each of your blend choices. PLEASE...make sure that each of your %'s is a multiple of 10% (ie: 10%, 20%, 30%. etc). For example, if you want half & half of two varieties in your blend, you would enter "50%" for those varieties. Just remember, please, that all of your percentages must add up to 100%.  You can ignore, or enter "0", as the % for any "ignored selection".  

Third: Select the ROAST that you prefer. Note, please, that all of your blend choices will be roasted to the same degree.

Last: Select the GRIND that you want. Again, all of your coffee choices will be ground the same way. If you prefer whole roasted beans, make that choice from the grind drop-down list.

That's all there is to creating your own unique blend.


2 Coffees...

Colombian Lite:  The intent of this blend is strictly to reduce caffeine, rather than blending flavors. 50/50 Colombian & Colombian Decaf. With its intoxicating flavor & aroma, our Premium Colombian 100% Arabica Coffee has no problem standing alone. But with half of the caffeine...& approximately 1/4 the caffeine of cheap supermarket Robusto (or instant) coffee, this blend is mildly invigorating, but not so much that you would need to avoid drinking a cup after dinner (unless you are very sensitive to caffeine in any %).  Medium or Medium-Dark Roast is suggested.

Southern Lite:  50/50 Bolivian & Colombian Decaf...with the delicious, chocolate/nougat flavor of our Bolivian Boyo variety, & the great aroma of our Premium Colombian 100% Arabica Coffee, but with half of the caffeine...& approximately 1/4 the caffeine of cheap supermarket Robusto (or instant) coffee.  One of our favorite simple blends, this is one to try in a roast that is darker than you might be accustomed to: Medium-Dark or full Dark Roast is suggested. Bitterness does not increase, with this blend, as the roast becomes darker.

Moka Jave Revisited:  Moka Java is an ancient coffee blend, traditionally consisting of about 40-50% coffee from Yemen and the balance being coffee from Java. The name "Moch", "Moka" or Mokkha" derives from the name of an old port in Yemen...having nothing to do with today's "mocha" which refers to a mix of coffee & chocolate/cocoa. Our updated blend suggestion is a 50/40 mix of S umatran and Ugandan coffees roasted to medium-dark. These varieties are not standard on our blending order form but, subject to availability, we will be happy to create this blend for your at no extra cost.

3 Coffees...

"South-Central":  A blend of a favorite Central American variety (30% Costa Rica Tarrazu) with the South American coffees that have, respectively, the best aroma (40% Colombian) and most classic flavor (30% Bolivian). You can choose decaf Colombian to reduce caffeine and the roast can be anything from light to full dark, depending upon whether you want to enhance the fruity flavors or the enhance the body, chocolate/caramel taste, and reduced acidity, of darker roasts...but, we suggest Medium Roast as a good compromise. As with several of our varieties, this blend will tend to retain its flavor & sweetness even served cold.

"Southern Prime":  A blend of South American coffees with classic coffee taste, low acidity & great aroma...40% Colombian, 30% Bolivian, 40% Brazilian;   Medium Roast is suggested.  (Note: We are referring to this as a blend of 3 coffees, because that is what you would mix. However, as the Brazilian is already a blend of 2 coffees, the final result of this blend is a mix of 4 varieties.)

4 Coffees...
"South-Central Premium Lite":  A blend of 20% Costa Rica Tarrazu) with the 3 South American coffees: 40% Colombian Decaf to cut caffeine & provide wonderful aroma; 20% Bolivian with that very traditional coffee taste; 20% Brazilian, with its good body and neutral acidity. Medium-Dark Roast is suggested.

Important Notes:

1. If purchasing 8, or more, custom blend bags, we can roast individual components to different degrees. These are bulk purchases, and we have a page specifically for them. Please check out that page, and ask in advance if you want multiple roasts in one blend. We don't charge extra for this, but it does take special care, on our part, to make sure your blend is correctly prepared!

2. We do not offer a green bean option for these custom blends. We want you to be satisfied, and we cannot guarantee that different bean varieties will not roast uniformly in a home roaster. (Buyers of bulk-buckets of a custom blend can request whole green beans to be finished in their commercial roaster.)

3. Upon special request,  we can create your blend that includes one or more seasonal varieties. We don't include these in the normal blend choices only because we can't predict when individual seasonal varieties will be gone until next year's crop comes in. But, depending upon availability, and upon request, we can create special blends for you, such as 50/50 Ugandan & Indian-Peaberry, which is reminiscent of the original coffee blend: Mocha Java. Prices vary, depending upon specific varieties and proportions chosen, but in many cases the per pound cost will not increase. Please do feel free to inquire, if this is your interest, by email or in the notes section of the order form.

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B*E*A*N*S Custom Personal Blend, 12 to 32 Oz bag

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