Fine quality, dunking tea-ball; a spring loaded tea infuser which allows you to stir your tea while it steeps, shortening the steep time; and 10 fillable, disposable teabags. The mesh is fine enough to retain a course (drip or press-pot) coffee grind to make an individual cup of coffee. In this case, some very fine coffee powder may escape into the cup, but will be fine enough not to be objectionable, or even noticed.

Suggested coffee/tea amount, for a standard 5-6 ounce tea/coffee cup, is that amount that will fill one side of the infuser, or half of the teabag...between a rounded teaspoon & a level tablespoon. A medium to dark roast will give the best flavor.

Important Suggestions:  For steeping of tea or coffee, be sure the water is very hot (about 190 degrees), but not full boiling. Full boiling water extracts tannic acid from tea leaves...making the tea astringent...and full boiling water extracts bitter components from coffee. Just let the tea pot of boiling water sit for about 30 seconds after removing it from the heat, and you'll have it right. Steep times should not exceed 4 minutes or, similarly, you  will end up with astringent tea or bitter coffee. (Doesn't apply when cold-brewing tea or coffee.)

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Tea Infuser Bundle

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