Versatile Coffee Maker Made Modern!

The traditional Moka Pot, invented in Italy, is often described as a stove-top espresso maker...and, indeed, it does use the pressure of boiling water to force the water thru ground coffee to make a good cup of coffee that is close to the espresso from a higher pressure steam-operated espresso-maker. It has the advantage of being capable of making that "pseudo-espresso", which can be consumed as-is, or which can be diluted with more hot water to yield a traditional cup of coffee.

A possible problem with the traditional pots is that they are constructed of aluminum and there is legitimate concern that acidic foods can dissolve some of the aluminum in cooking vessels. Whether or not coffee is acidic enough to do so in uncertain. And, as a toxin, aluminum is not so easily absorbed by the body and there is an ongoing debate as to how much aluminum might be ingested. Still, for those who have a "better safe than sorry" attitude, we present this modern version of an old classic: The B*E*A*N*S stainless steel Moka Pot.

Simple to Use

Easy to use, the moka pot has three sections: Water goes into the bottom section; coffee goes in the middle, and the finished brew ends up in the top section. Because the pressure process works like and espresso machine, there is no need to wait for the coffee to steep or infuse in order to extract the coffee flavor, as is involved with a drip coffee maker (manual or automatic).

The only "tricks" are using the right ratio of water to ground coffee; using the right grind size; and  getting the feel for the right temperature of the heat source, so the brewing is accomplished neither too fast nor too slow. With modern metal filters (same as used in AeroPress brewers) & the right grind size, flavor components don't get absorbed by a paper filter, and there is very little "sludge", if any.

300 ml. Capacity & Reliable Design

We offer multiple sizes, but suggest the 300 ml. capacity model, which is perfect for brewing about 6 x 2 oz espressos. But, this can be used to make conventional coffee, by diluting the strong product to 5-6 x 5 oz cups (or 3-4 mugs) with additional hot water. Our Moka Pot is compact and can be heated by an electric or gas stove, an alcohol or butane burner  (such as used for a "vac pot", siphon brewer) or a mini hot plate.

Compact, Unbreakable & Transportable:

This unit is easily transported and, because of the variety of heat sources that will work, you can even take it camping!. Give it a could be your favorite method of brewing from now on!

To keep prices low, these lovely Moka Pots are ordered from our overseas craftsmen at the time we receive your order. Please allow up to 30 days for delivery. Please note that, when we describe 2, 4 & 9 cup sizes, these are "espresso cups" (2 ounces each) which can be diluted, to regular strength 5 oz coffee cups, with hot water.

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Moka Pot, in Stainless Steel (2-9 x 2 oz espresso cups)

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