Fillable, non-woven, disposable for in-the-cup brewing of individual cups of coffee or tea; larger size for brewing entire pitchers of tea or up to 12 cup pots of coffee; very large size reusable bags for commercial coffee-makers. Drawstring closure: No heat sealing is required. Default 100pc bundle of small size drawstring-type  includes a pack of 5 food-grade, silicone clips to clip string to the side of the tea cup. 

BONUS, while supplies last: depending upon bundle chosen...samples of draw-string or heat-seal type and/or larger whole-pitcher teabags.


  • 100 piece bundle of drawstring-type bundles, with teaclips (or 100/200 pc bundles w/o the teaclips), at a discount; each is 5.5cm x 7cm;
  • 100 piece bundle of large (about 3" x 5") large drawstring teabags for whole pitcher preparation or large sachets;
  • 500 piece bundle of heat-sealable teabags (no drawstrings), single teabag is about 5.5cm x 6.5cm;
  • 4 piece bundle of reusable, draw-string closer, extra-large bags (6.5" x 7.7", 160 mesh nylon).

Works well with tea or coffee. Can also be used with spices & flower petals to make mini, medium or large Potpourri/Sachets. When used for coffee or tea, you should notice improved flavor because the food-grade, coated paper or synthetic mesh material doesn't absorb delicate flavors like regular paper filters or tea bags.

For infusing coffee or delicate teas, following these suggestions will help to ensure an adequate strength brew:

    • Use 1 rounded tsp of tea or coffee for up to a 10-12 ounce cup. Full capacity is 2+ level tablespoons, which would brew a large (15 oz) mug.
    • Ground coffee loses flavor as it ages. Your B*E*A*N*S coffee freshly put into these bags will ensure great taste!
    • Be aware, of course, that with different grounds sizes, water temperatures & steep times, the taste of the resulting brew can vary from that from a drip coffee-maker, French Press or Aeropress! But, with a bit of experimentation, you will get satisfactory results.

      We want you to be satisfied! Follow these additional, expert tips to ensure that the water stays hot enough, & long enough, to extract adequate flavor:

      • In-cup brewing of coffee only takes a minute or two, while leaf tea takes 2-4 minutes, depending upon the desired strength. Watch over your over-brewing results in bitter coffee or astringent tea!
      • To ensure full brewing, make sure the water starts out at, or close to, boiling. Coffee & tea should be brewed with water that is below boiling temperature. But, keep in mind that the mass of the infuser, and contents, will cool the brew water a bit as soon as you add it to the cup.
      • To prevent cooling the water too much, pour some hot water in the empty cup first, let stand for 30 seconds, then pour out & start over with hot water and the coffee/tea bag;
      • Additionally, covering the cup, while brewing, will help to retain heat

      If using the bags to make coffee or tea bag gifts, please pass these tips along to the recipients, to ensure their satisfaction!

      We invite you to enjoy our own recipe for Chai spice, which can be placed into these teabags together with a rounded teaspoon of black tea:

      B*E*A*N*S Chai Spice Blend

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      Fillable Teabags: Drawstring, Heatseal &/or Teabclips & Bundles

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