Affordable bundle which is allows in-the-cup brewing of tea or coffee. Bags can also be used to make mini potpourri sachets!

Includes plunger-assisted infuser and 100 fillable coffee/tea bags

Clever spoon design holds loose leaf, coarse coffee or bagged coffee/teas leaving no messy residue in your cup.

Plunger allows easy squeezing that last bit of flavor into the cup!

The bags allow the use of finer coffee, for greater flavor strength, without muddying the brew

The bags are disposable, non-woven, easily filled and do not require heat sealing like most similar bags

The infuser is a good quality gadget made of food-grade plastic & stainless steel

How to use: Measure Swirl Steep Stir And Press

  •   Fill hopper with 1 loose tea/coffee (course grind: max contents, 1 level tbsp) or one std. tea bag.
  •   Close infuser securely and place into cup of hot water
  •   Steep to taste (2-4 min.)
  •  Swirl/stir briefly
  • Lift above water & press plunger to release more flavor into cup
  • Dispose of infuser contents & just rinse with hot water to clean

With different grounds sizes, water temperatures & steep times, the resulting brew can taste can vary from that out of a drip coffee-maker, French Press or Aeropress!

We want you to be satisfied. These additional tips will ensure that your brew is of adequate strength:

  • Use 2-3 tsp of coffee for 5-6 ounce cup. Ground coffee loses flavor as it ages. Your fresh B*E*A*N*S coffee will ensure great taste!
  • Common drip grind coffee is not course enough if using coffee directly in the infuser. Use of B*E*A*N*S course grind will help ensure a clearer brew!

The mass of the infuser, and contents, will cool the water. Follow these expert tips to ensure that the water stays hot enough to extract good flavors:

  • Because the in-cup brewing takes 2-4 minutes for full-strength, it helps to start with near-boiling water
  • Pour in some hot water in the cup first, let stand for 30 seconds, then pour out & start over with the coffee bag
  • Additionally, you can partially cover the cup, while brewing, to further retain heat

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Plunger-Infuser & 100 pc U-Fill Coffee/Tea Bag Bundle

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