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Remember, please, that the following varieties can be seasonal, and tend to be sourced from single sources or from growing regions that produce far smaller total crops than, say, Colombia or Brazil. This makes them relatively rare (or very rare) and/or unavailable for part of the year and supplies can sell out quickly. The prices of the varieties vary based of rarity & demand and we suggest that you order them now, while they are available! (Also included here is our flavored Colombian coffee. Available as regular or decaffeinated, it is included in this section because it is only available in the fall & or winter seasons.)

Based on the rarity of each variety, the price varies. The price variance, from the base price, is shown in the variety option "drop-down". We invite you to compare the prices and quality of these specialty coffees with other sources, such as Starbucks & Peets. We're confident that you will find that the taste, freshness, quality & prices of these special varieties to rank among the best you find. B*E*A*N*S' threshold for free shipping is also lower than that of most other companies...and don't forget that your purchases earn Rewards Points towards free coffee.

As always,  B*E*A*N*S always gives you the ability to choose your desired roast & grind (or request whole roasted beans) for every one of these special coffees...and still sold in our standard resealable 12 ounce bag (exc. Recherche' Merlot...10.3 oz pkg). Try some today. It's like owning your own coffee plantation!

RARE &/OR SEASONAL, Regional Coffees:

Burundi:  (Mandarin Orange, Caramel, Semi-Sweet Chocolate, Ultra-Heavy Body) One of our very favorite coffees...worldwide...not just from E. African. Combine with Sumatran or Laotian for a modern version of Mocha Java (the earliest coffee blend, dating back to befor 1700)

Camaroon:  (Chocolate-Gentle Spice) Cameroon Boyo is grown in dark, nutrient rich volcanic soil at elevations exceeding 5,000 feet in the NW area of the country. The daily brilliant sunshine allows the coffee berries to attain their optimal sugar content rapidly, which is the secret of these mellow, aromatic, and rich full bodied Boyo coffee.The Boyo farmers are a small group that primarily stick to strict organic farming, to produce these beans with the flavor of dark chocolate and spice. We are confident that you will find our Boyo coffee to be priced well below that of competing roasters.

Costa Rica Dota; (Toffee-Caramel Apple-Berry) Coffee from this region, bordering the Tarrazu growing areas of Costa Rica, is among the World's Rarest. This variety often outsells Jamaican Blue Mountain & Hawaiian Kona blends because of its intense & complex flavors/aromas; long, fruity finish; & general short supply.

Costa Rica Dota; Light Roast:  Popular for its intense flavor, this Sunrise (light) Roast of true Dota coffee offers a mixed aroma of flowered fields and dark chocolate with hints of berry and cherry. A unique coffee flavor combination is rather noticeable with cinnamon raisin and cardamom, gently dried apricots and sweet black tea plus mild blackcurrant. Many love its gentle acidity of green apple and burgundy wine with soft hints of orange and lime. The finish is long and fruity, an elegant coffee roasted to a golden brown, the perfect light roast.

Costa Rica Dota; Medium Roast:  This true Dota coffee offers a mixed aroma of floral and dark chocolate with berries and cherries hinting on the side. The aroma is wonderful and the flavor combination is in a class all its own. It is described as a combination of cinnamon, raisin and cardamom, gently dried apricots and sweet black tea plus mild blackcurrant. It has a gentle acidity of green apple and burgundy wine with soft hints of orange and lime. The finish is long and fruity, an elegant coffee all its own. A rare, very premium coffee that we offer at an affordable price...as long as it lasts!

Costa Rica Dota; Dark Roast:  This blackened coffee made up of 100% Dota coffee beans offers unique taste and aroma, with gentle aftertaste. Well known throughout the world by coffee lovers everywhere, Dota coffee features an intense flavor with perfectly mixed aroma that features floral accents and dark chocolate along with gentle hints of berry and cherry fields. The complex flavor combination is rich with cinnamon, raisin, cardamom, gently dried apricots, black tea and mild blackcurrant components. The acidity is complex with noticeable green apple and burgundy wine, plus gentle orange and lime; while the finish is elegant, long and fruity. If you have rejected dark roast coffee previously, because of it has tasted burnt, you will appreciate our "blackened, not burnt" dark roast process.

Guatemala Huehuetenango: (Brown Sugar, Semisweet Chocolate & Walnuts) (SOLD OUT, CHOOSE HONDURAS) Huehuetenango coffee is grown in the highland regions of northern Guatemala, at altitudes that can exceed 5,000 feet, and much of it meets organic farming standards...producing perhaps the most distinguished Guatemalan coffee, as it is often considered the best in the country overall...if not the overall best of Central American coffee.

With a taste that is subtle and mild yet still complex and interesting. Lighter roasts of Guatemalan Huehuetenango coffee boasts distinctive and delicate fruity flavors, with a fairly light body that can be described as slightly buttery, with a sweet floral aroma, and a clean aftertaste that lingers pleasantly on the palate; whereas Dark Roasts bring out the cocoa and bittersweet chocolate flavors.

Honduras:  (Black Cherry, Caramel, Dk Chocolate) 

India Peaberry RFA: (Dk Chocolate-Baked Apple) SOLD OUT Only about 5% of coffee beans are "peaberries", in which the coffee fruit contains only 1 cylindrical bean, rather than the usual 2 flat beans. Some people say they cannot tell the difference, but peaberry fans insist the peaberries are sweeter and more flavorful than regular beans. This peaberry coffee has been described as having the flavor of dark chocolate and baked apples. The RFA designation signifies that it specifically passed examinations for food adulteration. As always, you can trust B*E*A*N*S for quality assurance.

Mexico:  (Barley-Ameretto-Chocolate) Mexico is a large county, but its best coffee-growing regions, as with most world-wide arabica coffee plantations, are confined to higher-altitude areas in the southernmost area of the country. And the small plantations in this area produce Mexican Arabica coffees with flavor profiles that approach Guatemalan coffee, which (except for certain rare Costa Rican varieties) is often respected as the best coffee from Central/South America . B*E*A*NS Mexican coffee is described as tasting of amaretto, barley & chocolate. We encourage you to try this affordable gourmet variety, with its relatively light body & pleasant acidity.

Nicaragua:  (Bright Sweet, Citrus, Caramel) With a medium to full body, and a distinct but mild acidity, you should find this Nicaraguan coffee to be sweet, with a balanced coffee flavors tinged with the flavor of caramel. We're happy to, once again, make this coffee available...as the Nicaraguan coffee trade was, previously, badly hurt by the political strife in the country...now a thing of the past.

Papua, New Guinea:  (Chocolate-Pear-Butterscotch) This coffee, grown entirely on small family estates, has a bright and clean taste – a classic, delicate sweetness complemented by an exotic, complex and fruity aroma of pears, with butterscotch & chocolate overtones. This is a relatively rare coffee, that not many people have had a chance to sample. It is grown at altitudes as high as 5,000-6,000 feet. Suggested to be roasted medium-dark, or even roasted to our "blackened not burnt" full-dark roast, to bring out its rich flavors without a hint of the bitterness often associated with darker roasts. 

RECHERCHE' MERLOT: THE WORLD'S RAREST COFFEE!!!  Not available in stores, this extremely rare coffee with its superb taste, is almost impossible to acquire. Tastes supurb  taste whether served hot, at room temperature or slightly chilled. Suitable for drinking in a common mug when hot or a wine glass when chilled, it will make a fine compliment to any elegant dinner in place of wine, or as the means to make an early morning breakfast extra special.  The flavor profile of this most exquisite coffee exceeds all other coffees, with the strong hints of Merlot grapes, bringing out heavy flavors of blackberries, cherries and plums.

Sourced from a small family farm with very little acreage, but more unique than any other, Recherché is all-natural, and utilizes a trade secret process of planting, storage, processing and roasting. Imagine coffee plants growing within fine wine vineyards, sharing soil and flavors in between. The rarest coffee in the world, it is expensive coffee due to its limited availability...but B*E*A*N*S Custom Coffee is offering it at a retail price that is below some other rare coffees, even though it is more scarce than such varieties as Kopi Luwak and Black Ivory: By comparison, 2016 world production of Black Ivory, which is often touted as the world's rarest coffee, and sells for as much as $200 for less than 1/4 pound, is estimated to be close to 300 pounds.  But, the total WORLD production of Recherche' Merlot may not exceed 100 pounds! Because of its extreme rarity, we must limit Recherche coffee sales to a 10 ounce bag.

Offered roasted & ground to perfection in a 10.3 ounce package, a very small percentage of the crop is available as green, whole beans in 40 ounce pkgs...while it lasts! Inquire now, if interested in being able to offer this extremely rare coffee to your guests, diners or if you want to splurge on yourself! We don't have this very often and when it's gone...it's gone until next year's small crop is available.

As our thanks for being among the very few special customers who get try this world's rarest coffee, your order will include 2 free 12 ounce bags of medium roast coffee, in your choice of Brazilian Blend or Costa Rica Tarrazu, and your choice of grind (or whole roast beans).

Rwanda:  (Vanilla, Chocolate, Molassas, Raisins) Good E. African coffee, will be enjoyed as an alternative for those who prefer Brazilian blends.

Sumata, Indonesia:   (Tobacco-Herbal) SOLD OUT: CHOOSE LAOTIAN, A SUMATRAN TWIN Sumatran coffee, unlike many other B*E*A*N*S varieties, is almost always a blend from multiple growers because each grower tends to be a small operation...perhaps tending only a few trees. Because of the semi-wet-hull method of curing the beans, Sumatran coffee tends to have a unique flavor that some coffee drinkers savor, but which others may dislike in full, but do like in a blend. Sumatran coffee is not bitter and has low acidity, but is described as having an earthy, even mossy, flavor, with herbal, tobacco, chocolaty overtones. Those who want to enhance this unusual flavor profile even more will want to request a dark or medium-dark roast. We reserve the right to ship Laotian coffee when Sumatran is out of stock. This is a close twin of Sumatran that is often available with Sumatran is not!

Tanzania:  (Chocolate, Cherry, Caramel) Good, medium body E. African coffee

Timor, Mt Remalau:  (Green Grape-Melon-Red Fruit) OUT OF STOCK East Timor is a small island nation (since 2002) that has a dedicated coffee coop producing a coffee that has a flavor profile described as "much brighter" than most Asian coffees, with fruity flavor components of green grape, melon & red fruits. Until now, much of the production was distributed by Starbucks, whose roasts are often described as "overly blackened", which might not be the best handing of this variety. Now you can buy this unique coffee and request the same custom roast & grind options that are available for all B*E*A*N*S gourmet coffees. But, the production of Timor Mt. Remalau coffee is limited. Order it now, while it is available! We suggest our American Medium Roast.

Uganda Bugisu:  (Peach-Hops-Apricot) Uganda has a high percentage of Robusto coffee production, that can vary widely in quality. However, the country also grows Arabica coffees that rank high in quality. B*E*A*N*S sources strive for consistency & gourmet quality in this bean that is full-bodied, but low in acidity, with flavor overtones of peaches, apricots & hops. For those who appreciate full-bodied, but fruity coffee, we think you will love this variety.

FLAVORED COFFEES, Natural Flavor(s)...May only available in the fall &/or winter holiday seasons:***

Cinnamon Toast:***  Premium Colombian Coffee:  Available only as regular (caffeinated), but you still get to specify your preferred roast & grind. Only contains our 100% Colombian Arabica Coffee & Real Cinnamon.

Pumpkin Spice, Colombian Coffee:***  (Out of Stock until Fall, 2017) Available as regular or decaffeinated (PLEASE SPECIFY), in your preferred roast & grind. Only contains 100% Colombian Arabica Coffee & Real Pumpkin Spice.

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