For Mr. Coffee; Cuisinart, etc, these filters yield coffee in its "purest" form! Few coffee-drinkers realize that some of their coffee's most delicate flavors end up being absorbed by paper filters. With this permanent filter, they remain with the coffee you drink, but the natural oils from the coffee will wash away easily and leave no residue. If any oils do build up, they can be instantly removed by swishing this filter in a solution of hot water and a few drop of Kleen Koffee decanter cleaner (please see that listing among our other accessories).

This filter, with it's convenient folding lift-handle, fits traditional Mr. Coffee 10-12 cup automatic drip coffee-makers, as well as many others that use a flat-bottomed filter. Alternatively, you can choose a flat cone type (Cone #4) which fits some Cuisinart or Melitta brewers.

Strongly constructed of plastic & gold-tone stainless steel...With reasonable care, this filter will produce delicious coffee for you for years...lasting far longer than cheap plastic mesh alternatives. The gold color of the screen, by the way, is the result of special heat treatment: It is not a plating or coating that will wear off.

Note: The vertical height of the filter compartment of some older drip coffee-makers may be too short to accept the flat-bottom filter basket. We do not want you to be disappointed! Please measure the available height of the filter compartment with a ruler. You need at least 3" in order to have enough clearance to closure the filter drawer or top after inserting the basket. If need be, we have a limited quantity of some shorter baskets. If you need one of those, please let us know by email. The price is the same for any of the 3 available sizes/shapes of permanent filter.

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8-12 cup Perm. Filter; Flat Bottom or #4 Cone

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