B*E*A*N*S Custom Coffee, exclusively available from CAROLEN Commodities is Gourmet Coffee Your Way:  Pick your favorite bean and then select the exact grind your coffee-maker requires, or choose whole roasted coffee beans.  We'll roast it fresh, grind it (if you like) and ship it, the freshest coffee you can buy, to your door. With our full decaf Colombian, and our single-source varieties, you get to specify the roast also. Or, if you prefer to roast your own beans, we sell every one of our varieties, as whole green coffee beans, in discounted, bulk, 5 pound bags. SEE OUR GREEN BEANS PAGE FOR AN INTRO TO HOME COFFEE ROASTING

100% Arabica Coffee:  You have probably noticed that many cheap, supermarket coffee bags list the ingredients as "100% Coffee". That's not a lie...but it also somewhat of a marketing ploy: It usually means that the coffee is all, or mostly. robusto...the type of bean that is also the source of most instant coffee. It is cheaper to grow than ours, but coffee connoisseurs find it to be unpalatable.

By contrast, B*E*A*N*S Coffee, whether single-source or a blend, is 100% Arabica Coffee. Arabica coffee is more expensive to grow, because it requires shade & high mountain slopes...and the yield is less. Because of the high, isolated growing locations, it is also expensive to ship from farm to market. But, when compared side by side with robusto, no-one who loves coffee does not fail to appreciate the supreme taste, fail to agree that it is worth the somewhat higher price. B*E*A*N*S Custom Coffee is never adulterated with cheap Robusto beans. 

Truly Custom: Again, please remember...The word "Custom" in our name is significant:  Not only is your order roasted shortly before it is shipped to you, it is also ground to your preferences, at the very time of your order...we provide many more grind choices than almost anyone else!

More Affordable than the huge purveyors: Everywhere in the world, coffee prices are increasing, because of the effects of global warming. But, we still strive to be competitive with the big purveyors, without degrading the quality of our products. We invite you to comparison shop. We are confident that you will find B*E*A*N*S Custom Coffee to be more competitively priced than other premium coffees...even those that are bulk roasted and then set on a shelf where they age, and lose flavor, until they are sold. By contrast, your affordable B*E*A*N*S purchase is roasted within days of it being shipped to you. Because coffee actually improves in flavor over the first few days after it is roasted, that ensures that It will arrive at your door at the very of its peak of flavor!

We know dark roasts & more: If you like dark-roast coffee, you'll find that take care to ensure that our dark-roast is "blackened, not burnt".  Some of the most famous brands have a reputation for tasting burnt...NOT B*E*A*N*S!

Full-bodied decaf or "Half-Caff": Because our decaffeinated &/or flavored coffees are derived from our premium Colombian coffee, and are decaffeinated using a registered Swiss Water&reg process, you won't be disappointed by a weak brew if you choose one of these varieties, nor will there be any chemical or solvent residue in your decaf. Plus, we are pleased to introduce of new "Half-Caff" blend, which as some caffeine, without the "full kick" that you might appreciate in the first coffee of your day. A blend of half-decaf, and half premium, full-body coffee, you can now enjoy great coffee even late in the day or in the evening.

Flavored Coffee:  We do not offer many flavored coffees, because we want to avoid the common practice of preparing flavored coffee with cheap bean & artificial flavors that are load with chemicals. Hence, we currently limit flavors to seasonal varieties, such as our Pumpken Spice, which is flavored with natural spices. However, we recently discovered a rare source of completely natural flavorings for coffee, and hope to add more great flavors to our offerings. Keep a lookout for news in that regard!

Serve it Hot or Cold:  We're sure you'll find that the complex aroma and flavor of our varieties is suburb, and we think that you will especially appreciate that some of our varieties, such as our premium Colombian, and our new Cold Brew Blend, retain their flavor in all forms...that is, whether you serve it as hot coffee, espresso or cappuccino...or as iced coffee.

B*E*A*N*S gives you more than most gourmet coffee purveyors: While we do offer 10 & 12 ounce bags, we consider that our standard roasted coffee bag size is the 12 ounce size. We do not claim, as some purveyors do, that we have somehow packed the flavor of a 12 ounce bag into a 10 ounce bag (or even an 8 oz bag, as some claim!) The large the bag you buy from us, the lower is the unit pricing. Available are 1, 2 or 5 pound bags. All are premium, multi-layer bags, and resealable, to preserve the peak flavor.

Our whole green coffee beans come in a 40 oz pkg (heavy Kraft paper to allow some air flow that green beans require); and comes with a nice discount off the usual 5 pound pricing. 

Your Own Custom Blend: At no extra cost, and without being required to make a huge minimum purchase...B*E*A*N*S Custom Coffee even offers you the rare opportunity to create individual bags of your very own personal blend of up to 4 different varieties of our featured varieties...and you will select your preferred roast & grind. Even more extraordinary is that, when you create your own custom blend, there is no extra cost for this option!

Premium Packaging:  Because freshly roasted coffee gives off CO2 gas for some time, you coffee will be shipped to you in a high tech plastic & foil bag with a special one-way valve, which retains flavor & aroma while allowing this out-gassing to occur without the bag rupturing. Green beans, on the other hand, must be able to "breathe" continuously, so they are shipped in a heavy Kraft paper bag. Stored in a cool dry place, green beans will retain their flavor potential, when finally roasted, for 10-12 months or more.

FREE COFFEE! Each purchase of B*E*A*N*S coffee also comes with rewards points, including the discounted larger packages. Collect 100 rewards points for a free bag of one of our featured coffee varieties.

FREE SHIPPING! For any order of $60 or more, you get free shipping...which, itself, can be equivalent to more than 20% off the normal, retail-shipped price. (In order to maintain affordable pricing, this offer doesn't apply to bulk purchases.)

Once you try B*E*A*N*S Custom Coffee, we're sure you'll never go back to other coffee brands again. B*E*A*N*S wants you to  BE EXTRAORDINARY AND NEVER SETTLE!

Need larger quantities or special orders? Visit our bulk & custom blend/label link, above. You can purchase our medium roast Brazilian Gourmet Espresso or Featured Varieties (Bolivian, Costa Rican Tarrazu coffee, Brazil blend, Colombian regular or decaf) in 5 pound bags or 12 pound (14 pound for whole beans) buckets. These bulk choices are discounted off retail, but you still  choose the exact grind &/or roast that you prefer. You can a buy custom labeled coffee &/or even create a special blend, roast & grind for your restaurant, coffee or hotel. We'll help you create that custom blend available only to your customers or guests...& other than the minimum quantity, there is no extra charge for the custom blending, roast or grind! B*E*A*N*S wants to satisfy your every coffee whim. If you want to put a link to our great coffee on your website, we even have an affiliate program (click below) that pays you for referrals!

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